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Insurance vs. Health Care Share Ministries

January 16, 2018

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Creating Art

December 1, 2017

This is not a blog post about painting a pretty picture.  I am not that kind of artist.  I don't see the world as a palette of colors, or lighting angles.  I have been known to paint the walls of my house to hide the ugly wallpaper but that is a private kind of thing. We rarely have company.


I am talking about creating art, as Seth Godin speaks of it in his book the Icarus Deception.  "Have you ever performed a generous, unexpected act? Solved a problem in a new and interesting way? Seen something others don't see?  Spoken up when something needed to be said?  If just one time you've made a connection, bridged a gap, or done something about an issue you care about, then, yes, you are an artist."


I am an artist and I create art.  Yes, to all those questions above.  I am all about making connections, looking at problems in new ways, and generously giving of my time and talents to a host of different causes.  What I do is not visible to the naked eye.  What I do has ripple effects of which I am completely unaware.  


Sometimes I judge myself on not making more connections or for doing less with what I have been given.  I wonder often if I said the right thing, or if I am competent enough for the work I am doing.  Creating art can be messy, and it is okay for it to be a process.  For that one person, if I truly care about them, the "right" thing may not be the most i