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Breastfeeding is natural but not always easy. Actually it can be downright complicated!

Are You Complicated?

​The most common reason for a mom to seek out help is due to very sore nipples and pain.  While this is a completely valid reason to see a lactation consultant, it is just one of many reasons a mom and/or baby could use help. The more risk factors you have, the more complicated your situation is, and requires the professional support an IBCLC is trained to give. Below is a short list of risk factors that may make breastfeeding a challenge for you.

  • Sore, cracked and/or bleeding nipples

  • Slow weight gain or infant weight loss in baby

  • Low milk supply in mom

  • History of depression or anxiety in mom

  • Past breastfeeding difficulties

  • History of plugged ducts or mastitis

  • Gestational diabetes or Type 1 or 2 Diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Premature baby

  • Intrauterine Growth Restricted baby

  • Multiples

  • Birth trauma

  • History of sexual abuse

  • Difficulty conceiving or infertility 

  • First one in family to breastfeed

Self-Care Is Not Optional

It is so easy to get super focused on the needs of your baby and forget totally about what you need.  Funny thing is that when we don't take good care of ourselves, we take even worse care of the ones we love.  One of my philosophies is that self-care is not optional, and it is a part of every breastfeeding plan I create.  What that looks like for each person is different and I listen for those aspects that need to be addressed for a mom to function.  Seeing a lactation consultant is part of your self-care.  Suffering is not necessary to feed your baby.  

Your Next Step

If you have read to this point, you may be wondering what next?  If you think you may be a complicated case, we encourage you to see us prenatally.  If baby is already here, and you are experiencing problems  please connect with us as soon as you are able. For your convenience, you may Book online or call/ text at 865-344-1788

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