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Our vision is to keep our practice small so that you don't get lost in the crowd.  Your relationship with your baby lasts a lifetime and deserves to be nurtured and recognized while you get the social support you need.  Sometimes that means individual attention and other times that means group support.  Above all, we make sure that your questions are answered with respect and privacy. 

Pregnancy:  We love to get to know you one on one so we encourage you to schedule a prenatal office visit in your third trimester. Once your appointment is scheduled, you will get access to our online Breastfeeding Basics course.  

Postpartum:  When baby arrives, we want to see you in the first week to help you have the most success with breastfeeding.  We then schedule follow-up visits as needed, usually once a week until 4 -6 weeks.  

Breastfeeding Support groups:  Somewhere around the 6 week mark, moms graduate to a support group where they will meet monthly with other moms with babies of the same age.  These are limited to only 5 moms per group so you get to make friends while getting support for your breastfeeding journey.  

Online Classes

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