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COVID 19 Protocols

We know that in today's world, you want to keep your baby safe and limit exposure to COVID-19.  We are also well aware that many moms and babies need in-person services that make sure that baby is getting the human milk baby needs to grow and develop properly.  We are offering limited office visits to meet the needs of our community. Below is our basic protocol and what you can expect when coming to our office.

  1. Our office is in a separate space that only our clinic staff and our clients have access to. We have our own entrance, bathroom, and ventilation in over 900 square feet .  

  2. Lisa Paul IBCLC wears a mask during each consult, and tries to maintain 6ft distance unless closer monitoring of breastfeeding is required. She monitors herself for COVID symptoms before each working day, and has reduced social interaction in the community. She wears a mask while shopping and running errands. She actively works to stay healthy by focusing on healthy food choices, meditating, yoga, and outdoor exercise. She does continue to have interactions with her husband, adult children, and grandbaby and does not have control over their level of exposure.  She also has seasonal allergies which can manifest as respiratory problems, watery eyes, and sneezing.

  3. Appointments are set so that only one client is in the office at any time.  The exception to this is to support groups, which are limited to 4 mom/baby pairs. 

  4. Client screening for COVID symptoms is done via a questionnaire in the client portal before each appointment. 

  5.  We are limiting support people to 1 person per dyad.

  6. We require support persons to wear masks while in the office.

  7. We require that moms wear masks while in the office.  In some situations, where baby does not respond favorably to the mask or other health risk, we will relax that requirement. 

  8. Our couch is covered with a washable material that is changed between every client. Our pillows are covered with a waterproof cover which is disinfected between clients.  We also cover the pillows with a washable pillow case that is changed between every client. 

  9. We use either a disposable or washable pad on our changing table and scale.  Each surface is disinfected between clients.

  10. Washable material is washed and dried in our on-site washer & dryer using a natural detergent with no fragrance.

  11. We run an air purifier that uses both UV and small amounts of ozone to reduce the contaminants in the air.

  12. We run an air sanitizer during support groups and in between clients.

If you have other questions or concerns, you may contact our office at 865-344-1788


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