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Standing desk and movement

I love to read. Reading is my #1 hobby. Whether it is a book, or a facebook, or the ingredients of some packaged food, I consume words. It is something I am really good at. I can even read upside down. I cannot read, however, when movement is happening. Yep, car reading is the ultimate no-no to me. I have about a 3 minute window before the nausea hits. For me, reading occurs in stillness.

Last week, my husband handed down his used Garmin to me. Heart rate monitor, sleep data and the step counter. The health coach in me knew what the step counter would show...I love to read, without movement. I also am well aware that sitting is the new smoking. The first day I racked up 3600 steps. Basically puts me in a sedentary category.

I knew this about myself, I was not surprised. What I didn't know about myself is that having a device on my wrist that measures my lack of movement was motivating. As I write this, I am standing up at a makeshift "standing desk. " The box gives just enough height so I can stand and type comfortably on my laptop. Being on my feet encourages movement. I can turn around and pace my office to get in some added steps while my brain thinks about what to write next. I play with movement to see what might count as a "step". Thankfully I have a private office! No one sees me practice a shimmy, or walk in place while I am typing.

Over the weekend, I used Netflix as my distraction as I walked in place, in circles and back and forth while watching Grey's Anatomy. I actually racked up over 10,000 steps with this technique. I have used my mini-trampoline for a couple of minutes to reach my step goal in the evening, rather than sitting down to read or watch TV with my husband.

My personality tends towards a sedentary lifestyle. I would much rather read than run/walk/jump/swim etc. It takes effort for me to move. However, I want to mobility in my later years, and I know that ignoring movement now will making movement later next to impossible. So I am embracing the Garmin and looking for ways that I can add movement into my everyday life, from a standing desk, to walking & jogging in place while I write a blog. Once I hit my step goal, I am rewarded with a nice still book.

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