• Lisa Paul IBCLC

One Month Sabbatical

In 8 days, I embark on a remarkable self-care journey. In November 1998, I became pregnant with my first child. She was born in July 1999, and I have been on mom duty almost every day since then. Now my children are 17 & 18 years old, and I decided it was time to spend on me. It has been almost 20 years since I did anything remotely close to this level of self-care.

Of course, I didn't chose a self-care journey that was easy, and relaxing. I decided to spend a month at yoga ashram... in a tent... in the middle of the summer... in VA. What was I thinking?! Admittedly I planned this in January, when the reality of summer was a distant warm memory. Fast forward to today and I am reminded of what a humid, hot, buggy place the outdoors is during summer.

I am also excited about the journey too. I get to work on me, from the internal workings of this crazy brain to the physical with daily yoga and really healthy eating. I will get to disconnect from the electronic world and get very grounded in nature.

If you are client who is looking for me, or wondering why I haven't returned calls, my office will be closed June 8 - July 9. See you on the other side of summer!

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