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January 16, 2018

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Integrating tech and lactation Part 1

December 7, 2017

I love using technology in my business.  I enjoy documenting my visits and giving my clients an easy way to see what we discussed.  A couple of years back I used a lactation-specific Electronic Health Record(EHR) software and didn't like it.  First off it worked off an iPad, and well, I am really a laptop/PC type of gal.  Second, my clients had problems with the actual input of data.  Third, I couldn't modify the pieces I wanted to modify.  My geek side couldn't handle that.


So I went the free route and tried Practice Fusion.  After a couple of tries with that, I was sorely disappointed in their Growth Charts.  I love growth charts and it didn't incorporate the WHO growth charts.  That was not acceptable.  Some more research, a lot of free trials, and I finally landed on my current choice  CharmEHR.


My top reasons I use it are:

  • Growth Charts use the WHO growth charts.

  • Mom and baby records can be tied together and seen in one portal.

  • I can have separate records for a baby, or two or three of the same family.  

  • Client portal is easy to use.

  • It is free for the first 50 encounters per month.

  • It generates Superbills that can be sent either by email or the portal, and it is does the HIPAA compliant stuff for me.

  • I can message with my client securely.

  • It allows me to easily upload and attach handouts for each client.

  • The template function has made documentation so much easier.  

  • I can create my own questionnaires, which can be selected to be sent when the appointment is made for a new client..  

Next post will be about filling the holes of CharmEHR around communicating with other providers.