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Insurance vs. Health Care Share Ministries

January 16, 2018

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Taking a Break from Food Shopping

November 28, 2017

Maybe the title of this blog has taken you off guard.  In this season of extravagance and gifting, how could I write about taking a break from food shopping?  Hmmm, yes does sound a tad odd, but funny enough it is a family tradition of sorts, and one that is spurred on by Advent and Lent.  Several years ago, I gave up food shopping for Lent.  We were in a financially unstable position and we own a farm which produces food.  We had canned stores from past seasons, freezers full of stuff, and it made sense to cut back and make ourselves eat what we had in abundance.  This tradition happened for a couple of years and then our lives got intense when we chose to enroll our kids into a high school an hour from the farm.


In this current season of our lives, money is a bit more plentiful.  Not take-a-European-vacation plentiful, but buy-food-when-we-think-we-want-it plentiful.  Which has led to a surplus of things that have started to gang up on us.  Like coconut oil, coffee (but not the good organic kind I like), dried beans, meat (oh my gosh – we have live turkeys that really need to be eaten and a quarter of a cow in the freezer!), bone broth (from our own turkey)…do you understand?  We have food and we have it in abundance.  Not just food that I don’t like, but food that is nutritious and tasty. 


Advent starts on Sunday December 3rd.  It is intended to be a preparation for Christmas, with an increase in prayer and focusing on the spiritual.  Fasting during Advent was proposed by Pope Leo in the mid 400’s, and was regularly practiced for many centuries.  C