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January 16, 2018

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Hormones, caffeine and fat

October 27, 2017


Back in August, I became obsessed with drinking bulletproof coffees and eating fat.  I started off every morning with a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil and some coconut milk (blended to make the fat frothy.)  My lunch became a mixture of fats. vegetables and protein.  I would consume between 5-7 avocados a week.  I limited my intake of carbs.  


With all this, my mind felt more alive.  I wasn't sure if it was the caffeine, the reduction in carbs or both.  After about 2 months of this daily ritual of coffee in the morning, I had an abdominal pain that made me a bit nervous.  I wasn't sure of the source, and it made me woozy.  I ran through the gamut of what it could be and tried to ignore it best I could.  Eventually it passed and I thought nothing more of it.


Until 10 days later, when I had the first menstrual cycle after a full year of nothing.  My thyroid had been in a state of panic since June 2014.  Over a span of 2 years, I went from a vegetarian/vegan diet to a meat-eater, tried various thyroid remedies, and used bioidentical hormones (which made me crazy).  But the hot flashes increased and finally my cycle just stopped.  I accepted my post-menopausal state and gave up on trying to fix my hormones or my thyroid.  It was just too hard to go against my body's natural cycle.  


The return of menses caught me off guard.  I had noticed some ch