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Insurance vs. Health Care Share Ministries

January 16, 2018

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Good Enough

April 19, 2017

Momentum. Interesting word and one that makes me think of forward movement, getting going and doing something.  Some days momentum is created by caffeine, other days by a chance meeting, and still other times by intentional goals set long ago.


The opposite of momentum is perfection.  That drive to make sure that every last i is dotted, and t is crossed.  If the project doesn't convey exactly what I intend or make the splash I want it to make, then I get obsessed with the details.  


Blogging can be a bit like that..or maybe a lot like that.  If I don't make a profound observation, and my writing is just okay, is it still worth clicking that "Publish" button?  Back to momentum...which action is going to create that forward movement, that feeling of doing something? Okay, yep, gotta click! 


I made a flyer today.  I miss my friend and co-worker Jordan who always made such awesome flyers.  That is her skill.  Mine was teaching the classes.  Now I am a business of one, so I either pay someone to do the flyer-making or I acquire a new skill.  I decided to use my google search skills to find an article on how to design a flyer, and below is my results.