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January 16, 2018

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From Should to Want-to

April 13, 2017


This week I listened to a podcast from the Women’s Prosperity Network. I was in the car or exercising so I didn’t take notes or remember the title of the talk, but one idea stuck with me. Shifting from doing things we should/have to/need to do, to doing what we want to do. What if you could make choices during your day that spoke to your desires, not in a hedonistic selfish way, but one that gives rise to a version of your life that is purposeful and driven?



One area of my life that I “should” on myself a lot is exercise and body image. I should go to the gym, I should sweat when I exercise, I should lose weight, I need to make time to exercise, etc. When I change my languaging to “I want to” the conversation with myself improves and gets way more fun! I say things like “I want to take belly dancing lessons.” “I want to drink fresh juice concoctions full of veggies in the morning.” “I want to listen to a podcast while jumping on my mini-trampoline.” “I want to take a bike tour of a foreign country.” “I want to eat carrots and hummus for lunch.”