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Two Heads are Better than One

A spoonful of garlic keeps the medicine away, medicine away, medicine away. A spoonful of garlic keeps the medicine away, in a most healthy way!

East Tennessee is under a blanket of sickness these days. Area schools have been closed for up to a week to prevent (?) illness from spreading. Hand sanitizers, and disinfectants seem to be the first line of defense against this illness.

I work very hard to keep my family and myself healthy and thankfully we have maintained it for the most part. However, I overdid it a bit this week, and didn't take care of myself as well as I could have. Self-care is not optional, however it can be easy to skip!

I was blessed with a shorter day today and got to come home and make myself Garlic soup. As I was making it, I was envisioning this blog post and how I could document my recipe and post it. I used homemade turkey broth. Oh wait, most people don't have homemade turkey broth in their freezer...hmmm what could they substitute? Next ingredient was celery, organic, of course, but was the celery really necessary? Could a family still make garlic soup without my ingredients?

That's when I realized that two heads of garlic are better than one and it doesn't matter what soup you put two heads of garlic in, it is going to have a huge effect of the health of the person consuming said soup! This is instructions on how to turn any soup into garlic soup.

1. Get two heads of garlic. Yes that is right, heads! Not 2 cloves of garlic, we are talking about a whole entity of garlic. See that white thing in the middle of the picture. That is a head. The two little pieces on the right side of it are cloves.

2. Mince up one head of garlic (remove the skins of each clove and cut them into tiny pieces). Put this minced bunch of garlic in while you are heating up the soup.

3. While the soup is heating, mince the 2nd head of garlic. Add it to the soup right before serving. This will help to preserve the heat sensitive health properties of the garlic.

Why garlic? Garlic is well known as anti-microbial. To get more information about the benefits of garlic, I recommend this article.

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