• Lisa Paul IBCLC

To take a month "off"

I have committed to spend a month at Yogaville from June 10 to July 8th. At this moment, I am wondering if this is a wise idea. To spend a whole month away from my business, my family, my community and focus on yoga? Really? I voluntarily signed up to do this? Back in December, the idea sounded fabulous. Now it scares me to death. What if someone needs me?

But I know who really needs me. That is myself. After years of child raising, and managing a family, working full time, building a business, volunteering, it is time for me to pay attention to me. Not in a selfish way but to spend time grounding and taking care of my physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

I will be sleeping in a tent for a month. I will meditate daily, do yoga, spend time walking, and probably even get off of technology for a full month. Food is provided, and I will get to unplug. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do this. It took 18 years to get the space in my life to do this. You could say it is a bucket list type of thing.

What can you commit to that both scares and inspires you?

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