• Lisa Paul IBCLC

Taking a break from shopping and un-stocking

In years past, I have used Lent as an excuse to take a break from shopping. Specifically food shopping. The kids knew that come late February I would start to get creative in the kitchen, usually making foods that they did not like or want as a way to get rid of our surplus. We live on a farm so this restriction wasn't as bad as it sounds - we had plenty of food choices from eggs, and dairy to over-wintering greens. Not to mention the canned goods from seasons past - like tomatoes, and green beans.

Over the past 2-3 years, we have slowed down farm things, and my daughter moved out, got married and had a baby of her own. With my son, Lent was usually a busy time of year with his involvement in school and we struggled to get home at a decent hour, let alone cook food that we already had. I let go of the practice of pausing shopping. This is the first year that Lent is happening without my children under my roof. I forgot of my normal promise to myself to limit consumption, until we were asked as a community to limit our trips out and about. I decided to fast from shopping for the rest of Lent.

I love the challenge of asking myself how to make due with what I have. I live a life of such abundance, from technology to clothing to food. I am grateful to have a car of my own, a bed to sleep on, 2 laptops, a TV, iPad, iPhone, many pairs of shoes, yoga pants, workout clothes, nail polish, chairs, tables, desks, kitchen appliances, a dishwasher....

Today when I looked into my fridge for lunch, I thought - hmmm, all I have that is fresh is cabbage. Oh wait, hiding in a drawer are carrots. I really wish I had hummus to go with my carrots. I have tahini, lemon, olive oil and ... lentils - I can totally make a lentil hummus! The recipe I choose included using chicken stock, which I have in my fridge. Score, even better to reduce my fridge items! In a time of extreme stocking, I am trying to un-stock. I want to trust that I can feed myself with the abundance I have already been given.

To that vein, I have already started sprouting in anticipation for the day when my cabbage is gone. We had the equipment, the seeds and I have an abundance of time at home right now. The seeds may be too old but I am giving it a shot in case it works and then I will have a easy source of fresh greens I grew myself.

We all have an abundance of something in our lives. We all have resources that have gone unused. I am choosing to use my time and energies to un-stock and focus on what I can control.

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