• Lisa Paul IBCLC

Self-care Dilemma

I can't do it all. Really, there are not enough hours in the day to do... it... all. I woke today at 4:30am, not by choice but by hot flash. Since that time I have:

  • Read a spiritual passage

  • Made juice for my family

  • Drank my juice

  • Took a shower

  • Dried my hair

  • Put on makeup (just a bit)

  • Made myself protein "coffee" and drank it

  • Brushed my teeth

  • Packed up food for an event tonight

  • Packed my lunch

  • Composed this blog in my head

  • Drove my son to school (an hour)

  • Coordinated my family's schedule for event tonight

  • Got gas

  • Walked for 28 minutes

  • Meditated for 20 minutes

  • Met a psychotherapist who just moved into the same building as I