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Not your typical IBCLC

I spoke today with Lisa Petree with /Be Media Savvy. She gave me some great advice and as I was reflecting on my own experience as a parent, I realized what makes me a little odd in the lactation world. 

I don't love babies. I didn't grow up hoping that I would be a mom. I hated playing with dolls. I loved math, and reading. I dreaded being asked to babysit. And when I was asked, did an awful job because it just wasn't my thing.

What drove me to work in a field dedicated to babies? I knew there were other mamas out there like me that didn't have those " I love babies" genes. I wanted them to know that it is okay . It is normal to wish for a baby to get older, or to be happy to go back to work, or be grateful for company who likes to hold the baby.

I do what I do for mamas. I am not one to gush all over a newborn but I will use my logic, mathy brain to help to solve problems. I will pour over books, and websites to search for that answer for a mama in need. 

I love that part of what I do. I love the mystery of a good lactation puzzle!

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