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Normal milk

When people speak about the benefits of breastfeeding, they say things like breastfed babies are smarter, healthier, calmer, etc. But that is just not true. The "er" implies a comparision. What or who are we comparing to?

Breastfed babies are normal. They eat something their bodies were born to eat. How that normal looks on each baby is different.

I say that as I sit in an office while my 15 year old son gets his brain tested via neurofeedback. He had breastmilk for 3+ years however he flunks tests at school despite studying. Does this mean I failed as a breastfeeding mom? Did breastmilk not live up to its potential? Absolutely not! What it means is that this is his normal. Now we are working to improve his normal brain function via other means. It's all good.

Breastmilk has some cool properties, however those properties are just the norm for breastmilk.  So go ahead and feed your baby normal milk! 

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