• Lisa Paul IBCLC

Mental health & breastfeeding

A subject very near and dear to my heart is mental health challenges. The following video is my unprepared but heartfelt musing over this complicated and often shunned subject.

If you are experiencing any mental health challenges, I urge you to seek out resources. However, not many mental health care professionals are breastfeeding aware and usually moms need an advocate to support their desires to continue the breastfeeding relationship. That is where having an IBCLC on your team is crucial. If you need help finding someone in your area, use the contact page and I will help connect you.


While this is only a tip of the iceburg of potential resources, I want you to know that taking a step in finding help is a big part of the journey. Saying you need help doesn't mean you are a bad parent, it just says that you don't have all the tools right now to do the job you need to do. This is just self care and #selfcareisnotoptional.

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