• Lisa Paul IBCLC

It's a New Brand Day!

In a paragraph of one sheet flyer, I was struck by the idea that my brand was wrong. I was looking forward to an event called Beauty Like a Boss organized by marketing coach Halee Sprinkle of Czech Yourself Marketing. She emphasized it was for those of us that don't like makeup and doing that sort of thing. A couple of days prior to the event, Carrie M Fashion Consulting posted a flyer about the business photo shoot opportunity. My headshot was about 2 years old, so I knew it was time to update.

#2 "Channel your brand" got me thinking.

I read #2 about channeling my brand, and in my head I heard "your clothes need to match your brand. " At that moment, I realized that I could not match my brand colors of various shades of purple - or if I did, I would look like death warmed over. I had various reasons for choosing those colors over the years. Yet when I was exploring the idea of t-shirts for my business, I couldn't settle on a color because my business colors did not look good on me!

On the night of the event, Carrie's words were still ringing through my mind. I looked at my closet and I thought - what outfit do I always get the most compliments on? It was my black/gold/copper harem pants and matching top. They are fun and comfortable and they match me.

My first activity at the event was getting my makeup done by Kristen KC Coleman. She took one look at me and told me that my best facial feature is my eyes and proceeded to help me enhance them. Simply, without tons of makeup, or time. I loved this simple natural look, and that is what I was wearing when I had my photos taken. Thank you to Kara Hudgens Photography for coming up with natural poses for me, and having the patience to work with me.

I announced to the group at the event that I needed to change my brand. The idea sat in the back of my mind for a while and honestly I didn't know what I needed. I thought about hiring someone to do it. But brands to me have energy, and it was all about the colors! The best place to find colors is the paint section of a home improvement store. I collected some ideas of colors that match my wardrobe, my hair, and that I enjoy in general. I do not care if the yellow-gold may remind folks of baby poops. Maybe the copper-brown color is not as eye-catching in print as purple. Perhaps the lotus flower is overused but overall I am much more comfortable with my brand.

Today is a New Brand Day! I am updating my media to reflect my brand that matches me!

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