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I Am Brilliant!

And so are you! Everyday we have amazing ideas and implementation. Whether it is managing the schedules of a whole family, figuring out some new way to solve a laundry problem or make money, you are full of brilliance.

I am full of brilliance too. I am in the midst of reading You Are A Badass which Inspired me to look at my positive qualities as if a friend was telling me about myself. Follows is some of my more brilliant moments.

Colored dishes- each family member gets their own color. I chose red. We know exactly who left their dirty dishes out. Don't care if they eat off their own dirty dishes as long as no one makes my red ones dirty! It totally reshaped personal responsibility in our home.

DIY laundry- as soon as the kids were tall enough with a step stool, they did their own laundry.

My latest stroke of brilliance came when discussing how to communicate with a relative in a nursing home. I remembered we had an extra active cell phone that cost us nothing and was not needed. Once that idea was formed, my husband and I figured out a way to implement a plan to get it to the relative. That phone has helped an isolated individual get connected to family again. It has been amazing to me to watch my idea unfold and get implemented.

This brilliance I bring to my practice working with families. My ideas are innovative when needed and simple to implement. I use my gift of listening to come up with unusual solutions that fit with the resources available.

Let's celebrate brilliance today and recognize that it is within all of us!

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