• Lisa Paul IBCLC

Comfort is not optional!

Breastfeeding is not a contortionist activity. As moms we need to make sure our comfort is taken care of before we let a 6 to 30 lb being in our lap to eat. Is it really that important that I would write a whole blog post on it? Yes, yes it is.

Yesterday I spent my afternoon with a lovely physical therapist because of pain in my shoulder. I am 47 years old, I figured it was part aging that put me in this space. Yet, nothing I recently did was that significant to cause the level of ache I am experiencing. Part of the evaluation was remembering past events or times when I had injured that area. The other part of the evaluation was isolating the pain to a certain area - and for me it was not my shoulder but my neck causing my shoulder to hurt.

Ahh, so I have been getting chiropractic adjustments for years because of headaches and usually my neck gets adjusted. The first adjustment of that area that I remember was when my neck seized up on me (yes, I couldn't move it!) At the time I was nursing a toddler and had been nursing non-stop for about 3 years. Nursing during the day, nursing at night and all the while sacrificing my own comfort sometimes out of laziness, sometimes just because nursing a toddler can be, well, a contortionist activity. Add in all those times of gazing down at my kids as they nursed when they were so cute! My neck "recovered" and I went on to nurse another year or so.

That was 14 years ago. Let me repeat - 14 years ago! I was younger, I could compensate, other muscles took over. I exercised, I got in really good shape. I carried my big kids with and without contraptions, I nursed in odd positions, but I never did fix the neck thing. Over the years, I have aggravated it by having bad posture while using my phone and computer, reading, sitting, driving - yep, basic daily living. My exercise routine got less intense, as my neck was easier to aggravate.