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A Room of My Own

It has been almost a month since I moved into my new office space at The Avenue. I had a couple of offers to share space with others, I have had a couple of offers to share the office I have to keep the price down, but I really need a room of my own. A space that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want without the stress of sharing.

Yesterday, I put together a bookcase, and crossed my fingers that it would fit where I hoped. And it did, sort of, but just didn't "look" right. So I rearranged all the furniture in the room by myself. I contemplated the vibe, I measured things, I sat there waiting for a solution to the chaos I created. When the solution came, it looked an awful lot like the first thing I tried with a slight move to the left. In the process, I felt more clear about my purpose for the items in my room and how I wanted it to look. But most importantly, it was all my decision. I didn't have to ask anyone else what they thought.

Having a space that I claim as my own is important to me. As a wife, I share a bed, and a house with my husband. We used to share a car too. As a mom, my time and space is shared with my kids, trying to be there for them as they grow into adults. That means that I stop everything to be present with them when they ask to cuddle or watch TV together. Or if they just want to tell me about their day.

When I decided to rent the office, I hesitated. I wondered if I could make enough money to cover the rent. Was the space really necessary? What if it caused me more stress? What would I be giving up to have the space?

Last night, after the furniture arranging was done, I sat on the couch and wrote a blog post on my phone. Clarity and peace set in. My creative juices were awakened, maybe not completely flowing yet. I thank the wisdom of the women before me, and especially Virginia Woolf for writing "a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction" in A Room of One's Own. I don't recall if I actually read the book, but it has been my mantra for many months. It is not just writers who need a space of her own, but all women to do the work they are called to do.

This office was part of my self-care. The path to get here took months, and lots of soul searching. I embrace the journey because self-care is NOT optional.

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