• Lisa Paul IBCLC

3 Bowls

During my 1 month stay at Yogaville, I was blessed with a buffet-style meal plan. As I indulged in this amazing buffet of vegetarian food, which included a full salad bar, and several hot entrees, I started wondering how my body was going to manage all this food. I felt full at every meal. I felt full before the meal. I knew that in a matter of days, my weight would increase and I would be unhappy in my clothes.

I did not want that experience. I wanted to honor my body by not indulging in the abundance. As I looked around at my fellow diners, I noticed that some of them only got a bowl. Not a plate and a bowl. Just one bowl. They filled up their bowl and that is what they ate. The next meal, I took a bowl. I mixed all my food together in that one bowl.

What I learned was that my body doesn't want more than a bowl. Sometimes it is still full from the prior meal and it wants nothing. Bowls are limiting, so I thought really hard about adding a scoop of rice, when I knew that I wanted the tasty curry veggies. Often I would skip rice all together.

I came home from a month away almost 10lbs lighter. I have now committed to keeping the 3 bowl/day rule for myself. It works for me. I know that my body doesn't need a plate full of food. The rule is simple - 3 bowls or less of food a day and little to no snacking.

What do you use to serve yourself food?

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