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Parenting doesn't exist in isolation.  Mamas have children in the midst of careers, caring for aging parents, paying bills, date nights, exercise routines, haircuts, feeding themselves, and much more.  Bloom Into Parenting helps mamas blend the different facets of their life with their role as parents. While our main focus is on breastfeeding help, we look at each mama & baby as a unique journey and help come up with solutions that fit.


Bloom Into Parenting is owned by Lisa Paul. Her own path of parenthood drew her to supporting women who weren't naturals at parenting. Looking at a flower when it blooms, we see it is a process, and not one moment in time. That is true of parenthood as well.  Bloom Into Parenting recognizes the beauty of the process we walk as we raise our families, knowing that it is never perfect and always changing. 

Bloom Into Parenting & Bloom Into Breastfeeding are both registered as DBAs under Powered By Nature LLC.

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