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You do not have to take on breastfeeding alone!

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
At Knoxville Lactation Clinic, we bill insurance for breastfeeding help so you can focus on having a peaceful, loving relationship with your baby & family!  

Since July 2018, we have taken up the cause to bill insurance for breastfeeding help.  We have had major successes and huge learning experiences.  We have spent hours on the phone to get pre-approval and GAP exceptions, only to have the visit applied to deductibles because we were out-of-network. (Which is against what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates.) We have billed in-network plans and discovered later that it was a grandfathered plan and didn't have to follow ACA.  Other local employers are based out-of-state and the rules that apply to Tennessee plans don't always apply to the home state.  

All of this to say that we have no regrets in following this path, despite the hiccups along the way.  You are dealing with a baby who cries, poops, pees and hiccups!  You are recovering from birthing a baby. You may have postpartum hormones challenges, sleep deprivation and maybe even bleeding nipples. What you don't need is paperwork and fights with your insurance about what is covered and what is not. 

We are here to take up the fight on your behalf, and will work with you to understand your insurance benefits.  If we are not in-network with your plan, we will figure out the best way for you to get the care you need at a price that meets your budget.  This may include utilizing visits to your pediatrician and doctor to make our time together most productive.  You do not need to take on breastfeeding alone!

When you decide to make an appointment with our office, we will ask you questions about your insurance coverage.  In cases where moms have a high deductible, it doesn't make sense to pursue reimbursement.  In other cases, we may know that the particular plan won't pay us, and you will need to pay at the time of the visit.  In the best scenario, you have an easy peasy plan with whom we are in-network and you won't owe us a dime, and we get paid by your insurance.  

Why do we have this on our front page?  Because we know that new moms are stressed about money. New moms aren't working and perhaps their partner is taking some unpaid leave as well.  Over the years, we have heard the collective mamas asking for someone to give them breastfeeding help that doesn't break the bank. Insurance is our answer to that, and we continue to fight our way through the system to give as many moms access to the breastfeeding help they lawfully deserve.  Please check out our insurance page for more detailed information on how we work with your insurance.

We can't wait to meet you, your baby and your insurance card!

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